The Leading Eye Doctors in Fresno

Fogg Remington EyeCare provides complete vision care for the entire family. Regarded as a leader in eye care services in the Central Valley, we offer the full spectrum of vision care services from basic eye exams to state-of-the-art microsurgery.

Focused on Quality Care

The eyes are one of the most important organs in the human body. Everyday tasks revolve around having the ability to see faces, shapes, and words. Your eyes are a miracle of incredible complexity and fragility. They deserve the best eye care available. Your eyes deserve Fogg Remington EyeCare.

The vision experts at Fogg Remington EyeCare are skilled in detecting the many possible disorders that can affect the eye, often long before they impact your vision. Yet we never forget that care includes more than just clinical and surgical skill. It also means providing friendly services, answering questions, easing concerns, and seeking your complete satisfaction.

We offer a comprehensive range of services that extends from vision testing and dispensing of eyeglasses, and contact lenses, to the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders and diseases. All provided by experienced professional committed to quality care and your good vision.

Complete Examination Services

The best way to prevent eye disorders is through regular, preventative examinations that are our specialty. An eye exam is only as good as the information obtained, and we have developed an effective, step-by-step system for gathering your information accurately and efficiently.

It begins with a request that you bring all glasses, contact lenses, and eye medication with you to your exam. A technician will then record your pertinent medical history, ask you about the reason for your visit, and check your vision. The pressure of your eyes will be tested, and your eyes may be dilated.

After your eye doctor has completed the exam and evaluated all of the findings, he or she will recommend any necessary treatment. This may range from further testing to an adjustment to your eyeglass prescription to a surgical procedure. If surgery is necessary, our surgical counselor will arrange a date, brief you on preparations and cost, and provide you with complete written instructions.

State-Of-The-Art Surgical Services

To give our patients every opportunity to enjoy improved and restored vision, we have kept pace with the rapid development of new techniques and advances technologies that have revolutionized eye surgery. Our eye surgeons are well-versed in the use of lasers, microsurgical instruments, and other leading-edge technologies.

A Difference You Will See Clearly

From the moment you walk into our offices, each member of our team plays an important role in your care, and each team member is committed to making your experience a pleasant one.

In addition to treating your eye care concerns, we are also committed to easing your concerns about fees, insurance billing, and other issues. For your convenience, we accept payment from numerous private insurance companies, a growing number of preferred provider organizations (PPOs), Vision Plans, MediCare and MediCal, as well as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We will also assist with insurance paperwork and answer any questions about your insurance coverage and treatment costs.